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Given President Trump's spectacularly SUCCESSFUL PERFORMANCE in the face of insuperable militant opposition by virtually all the establishment forces in BOTH parties, –– the incessant, frankly VICIOUS, totally unwarranted attacks from the ENEMEDIA, –– Bos. & Co. Women's FargoROBERTO FESTA Women's MIRIANAWEB82 Silver Leather Heelsthe corrosive Cultural Marxist domination of our ruined and ruinous Educational System, –– and the Cultural Marxists who frankly INFEST the judiciary on all levels ––, President Trump miraculously strides ABOVE all of that like a COLOSSUS of mythological antiquity.

He faces so much negative criticism, because our thoroughly corrupt, stupidly self-serving Establishment feels THREATENED by him –– Tory Burch Laney Embellished Sneakers WhiteNEWROCK NR M.PUNK003 C1 Black - New Rock Boots - Womens (44)as well they should.

I am virtually POSITIVE that those good citizens determined to hold a negative opinion of President Trump –– along with the millions abroad who think they don't like him –– have been sedulously BRAINWASHED by a hopelessly biased media establishment acting slavishly as both Lackey and Handmaiden to nefarious Establishmnt and Globalist forces –– has deliberately and deceitfully given you a FALSE impression of who and what Donald Trump really is.

I didn't care for him. myself, when he hosted a fatuous TV show, WINDSOR SMITH Women's WINDCARTEB White Leather Sneakersblueer USA 6swoneolow Mix, Women's Low-Top Sneakerswhich I avoided watching after seeing part of one episode, but AFTER he made it clear he was SERIOUS about running for the presidency, I started to WATCH and LISTEN to him very carefully –– at first because he seemed our only hope of averting a Hillary Clinton presidency, –– a prospect I, personally found both dismal and repugnant. Women's Snip Toe Genuine Leather Desert With Embroidery Skin Western BootsAquatalia Womens Baylor Calf Mule

I soon caught on, however, to Mr. Trump's remarkable potential to lead us out of the putrid Marxian Wilderness into which we've been skillfully maneuvered for the past century by sophists and mountebanks. Listening to him –– UNFILTERED, and UNEDITED by the BIASED, DISHONEST,Donald J Pliner Women's Pablo-A2 Western BootDonald J Pliner Womens Hunt Mesh Elastic Leather Dress Sandals Size 4 Mtotally UNPRINCIPLED forces who ritually oppose him, I began to feel an honest LIKING for th man, which developed during the campaign into genune ADMIRATION bordering on AFFECTION.

At age 78 I'm not about to allow anyone in "authority" or "influence" to "shape" my opinions. Instead I rely on decades of intense observation, CAMEL - Active Heat - 8977001Gabor - Rhodos Weiss silver Nappa Lackgood instincts, keen perception and faith in the wisdom of Holy Writ to guide my decisions.

My life is ending up in a remarkably good place. My circumstances today are as close to ideal as any reasonable person could dare expect. For this I don't congratulate myself, instead I'm immesely grateful to the background, education, vivid imagination, So8ooa Lady Slippers Ladies Sheep Fur Slippers at Home in Autumn and Winter Keep Warm Fuzzy Slippers Yellow 37 for WomenHogan Women's Tech Fabric Sneakers shoesdaring and adventurous instincts I've been privileged to enjoy.

I'm an unabashed PRAGMATIST who firmly believes:

1 "If it ain't broke, DON'T FIX IT."

2. "If it WORKS, don't QUESTION it."

3. I also believe "It's better to ERR on the side of KINDNESS, than to adhere to a strict, cold-hearted PHARISAICAL interpretation of the LAW."

4. Lastly I believe that always looking to FIND FAULT while constantly, almost compulsively dwelllng on NEGATIVITY and OPPOSITION is morbidly unhealthy, inimical and corrosive to the best interests of any civilized society. 

In other words, "It's ALWAYS BETTER to give the BENEFIT of the DOUBT" where doubt exists. and to remember, paraphrasing what St. Paul told the Corinthians, "Whatever you do is worthless unless it's done unstintingly with a loving heart."

Womens - Avoca Brown Born - qpwbzh5149-New Shoes

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